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The three 'inferior' planets, Venus, Mercury and the Moon are the three planets placed below the Sun in the Chaldean Order of the Planets. These three are not inferior because they are any less in strength than those that lie above the Sun - Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, but we are inclined to ignore their movement over the year due to their speed as compared to the three superior planets, especially Jupiter and Saturn.

This Master Class explores the importance of keeping an eye on these planets as they speedily change sign and direction (Mercury and Venus), and also in their significant relationship to the Sun, which is the deciding factor in their position as 'inferior' in the Chaldean Order of three up and three down, with the Sun as the symbolic centre of the universe.


When we describe a person, an act or a place as being “out of bounds” we often mean that these are not bound by social, professional or cultural conventions which govern the majority of society. In astrology, the term “out of bounds” refers to a planet’s declination - its position along the plane of the ecliptic.

What happens when planets stray from the established path of the ecliptic? How do they manifest in the individual’s life and what is their expression as a “sign of the times” in mundane astrology? Do they push the boundaries of acceptability and how do they do this? A Master Class to explore just how these planets operate in a chart.


This Master Class examines the relationship the other planets have to the Sun, according to where they are sitting on the Ecliptic. Whether a planet rises before or after the Sun was once considered to be of great significance, and thought to have great effect on how that planet performed in the chart.

Using examples, this Master Class looks at the difference between a planet being to the east of the Sun, known as oriental, or to the west of the Sun, called occidental.


We are accustomed to looking at aspects between the Moon and other planets, but there are still some techniques which are worth looking at to determine how much influence, good or harmful, a planet might have on the Moon. For instance, the effects of Saturn on the Moon can vary between giving strength and purpose to the Moon, to destroying its ability to feel safe and loved.

This Master Class looks at a number of conditions which effect how such a sensitive planet as the Moon might react to the planets in which it comes in contact, via both natal aspect or predictive techniques.


"Kill or be killed. Might makes right. Survival of the Fittest. Destroy the competition at all costs."

This is the world according to the Mars-Pluto personality whose perspective is simply responding to the innate survival instinct which has made the human species the most predatory, ambitious, aggressive and successful of all species. How does the individual deal with one of the most potent astrological pairings and what is necessary to ensure survival rather than destruction. This Master Class will explore this signature pairing and discuss both positive and negative experiences and how to manage them.


Mercury has traditionally been assigned the role of determining and describing the individual’s intellectual capacity and its development. Also, Mercury is the planet that signifies the ‘soul’ and its manifestation in the individual life.

The question we ask is: does the ‘mind’ impact on the body and which is the final determinant: the state of the mind on the body or the condition of the body on the mind? An intriguing question and one which is explored in this Master Class.


The Sun in modern astrology is seen as one of the focal points of psychological analysis. It is regarded as a symbol for the journey of integration required for our personal growth and development. In traditional astrology however the Sun is given a different emphasis: not more or less, simply different.

This Master Class will explore the Sun as significator for the Nous or the ‘light of the mind’ giving another perspective on the Sun’s role in the natal chart.



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Scala Coeli: The Ladder of Heaven - A Collection of Astrological Essays

by Mari Garcia & Joy Usher

Topics include: Thema Mundi, Rulership, Sighting, The Noddings,  The Lunar Nodes,Combustion & Cazimi

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"... this book provides a rare combination of being able to explore certain points in great depth, whilst bringing clarity to principles that are then easily digested and put into effective use during the consultation process.  Read More

"For this is a book to be treated with reverence.  Principles are explored in deoth with an eye to their practiacal application.  Read More


Fabulous titles covering a wealth of astrological material


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The modern term ‘mid-life crisis’ was coined in the 1960’s to describe the horror of turning 40.  These turning points represent major shifts in the psyche and in today’s psychological parlance, has been re-painted as a quest.  However, there are always profound and sometimes disturbing changes.  This Master Class explores the astrological signatures of the mid-life crisis, the impact on individual charts, how different generations experience them and how the varying sequences affect the individual experience.

"The good or bad signified by a house emanates from the ruler of that house".

A simple statement, but what does it mean? The technique of House Rulership has been overlooked for too long,

as both the beginner and the advanced astrologer can gain great insight into the chart through its correct application. This workshop demonstrates the merit of the above statement, exploring the origins of the houses themselves, and explores the symbiotic relationship between house, sign and ruling planet. 

The predictive work we do today is dynamic whereas in the past most predictive work was static.  These static systems provided a window into time and the use of these system of returns or revolutions are still valid for any one particular period of time.  Understanding the nature of a return and its delineation adds another dimension to predictive work.
The ancient predictive technique of Handings Over  is a little like running a relay race – it describes who has had their run, who is about to take off, and who is carrying the ‘baton’ for you for the next year. The workshop will simplify the process and use examples to guide us through this fascinating concept which can easily be used as an adjunct to our more modern predictive tools. 

Known as the ‘better’ of the cadent houses, the 3rd and the 9th houses are often ignored or simply glossed over in modern astrological practice.  Tradition, however, shows there is much to be gained by understanding the origins of these houses and their meanings.

In traditional astrology the three planets of Moon, Venus and Mars are a threesome collectively known as 'the nocturnals'.  They guide our desires, our appetites and our emotions, and yet they are often the planets with which we have the most uneasy relationship.  This workshop introduces the nocturnals, giving you a whole new perspective on their collective power.  The workshop gives examples on how we can examine the natal chart to determine the nature of 'the wild ones', and how we can best tame them to our best advantage.

  Thema Mundi Series

A great learning tool for every student, this new series features two sets of seven lectures, each lecture an average of 30 minutes in length. 

The lectures are  available a CD or download.   There are approx 4 hours of lectures in each set.

CD or Download: AUD $75.00

Planets in Signs

Planetary Combinations

DOWNLOAD FREE Introductory Lecture

Introduction Planets in Signs

Introduction Planetary Combination

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Astrology@Home CD Series:

The Astrology@Home CD Seroes features lectures and workshops on specific topics catering to different levels of astrological expertise.  This series gives you the opportunity to enjoy exciting lectures and workshops by experienced lecturers at your leisure.  Atsrology@Home is geared to stimulate, challenge and expand your knowledge of astrology, its principles and tehir application.  Printed handouts accompany each CD and are based on visual aids used in the lecture.  Astrology@Home CD Series are available in MP3 format and prices listed are for single CD's in MP3 format.  Some of the titles in the CD Series are also available in WAV file format on request.  There is an additional cost for each subsequent CD in WAV file format.

An Afternoon with Ptolemy AUD $34.95 The various works of Claudius Ptolemy (ca 85 – ca 165 CE) have survived the past 2000 years and over this period have been subject to close scientific and academic scrutiny.  As astrologers, of particular interest to us, is his astrological textbook, Tetrabiblos.  But what do we know of this man and his work?  Who was this famous recorder of astrology , and did he get it right?  In Part One of the Seminar, Mari Garcia examines Ptolemy’s life and times and sets him in an historical context In Part Two, Joy Usher uses examples from Tetrabiblos to discuss whether Ptolemy’s astrology is a true reflection of Greek astrology, or merely a collection of his own musings on astrology.

Maid : Mother : Crone Part 1 - Symbols of the Sacred Female          AUD $29.95 The concept of Maid, Mother and Crone as an expression of the collective Sacred Female is one which has been gaining momentum over the past few years.  Rather than lamenting the lost Goddess, this Seminar is a celebratory examination of these three roles and a comment on how we might incorporate the Sacred Female into our lives today.  Not just for women!  Part One discusses the breadth of symbols which have been used over time to represent various aspects of the Sacred Female.

Maid : Mother : Crone Part 2 - Myths of the Sacred Female              AUD $29.95 Part Two takes the listener on a journey through the retelling of several myths with the Triple Goddess in mind.   By exploring several themes common to all women [and men] we can determine which of Her roles we choose to embrace or reject.

Maid : Mother : Crone Part 3 - The Sacred Female & the Asteroids  AUD $29.95                 The Greek goddesses have always held a special place for those who wish to examine the feminine archetype through the four major asteroids : Ceres, Pallas Athene, Juno and Vesta. But goddesses are immortal, and as such do not undergo the human growth experience of ageing. This workshop looks at their placement in the natal chart and explores their intrinsic qualities as we transform the archetype from maiden to crone.

Special Price for the Set of 3 AUD$85.00

The Universal Round: Connecting the Seven Planets to Myth    AUD $85.00

One of the basic tenets of Hellenistic astrology is the concept of Domicile Rulership. 

In this six hour workshop, the link between sign and planet via Domicile Rulership is explored through Greek mythology, as myth provides an opportunity to not only understand the zodiac signs, but also their corresponding planetary rulers.

Part of Fortune : Part 1 - Formula and Philsophy of the Parts           AUD $29.95

The 7 Lots, or Parts, have been an integral part of astrology since Hermetic tradition.  And yet, today, the modern astrologer is likely to be  familiar with only one, the Part of Fortune.  This seminar examines the Part of Fortune, and asks, Why has this potent point lain dormant for so long?  Part One introduces several important principles in medieval astrological practice and explores in detail the formulae of the seven original parts.  As we ask ourselves what may have been the philosophy behind the Parts, we take this opportunity to trace the journey, and the diminishing popularity, of the Part of Fortune.

Part of Fortune : Part 2 - The Versatility of the Moon's Part AUD $29.95

Part Two introduces a range of possibilities for  the Part of Fortune.  The widely known use of the Part of Fortune as Financial Significator, is only one expression for this versatile point.  This Part was not only used to determine an individual’s wealth and good fortune, but also a wide range of other factors which combined to create a happy, satisfying and successful life.

Part of Fortune : Part 3 - Determining Wealth AUD $29.95

"What's the use of happiness?" the comic Henny Youngman asked. "It can't buy you money."  Instinctively we all know that wealth cannot guarantee happiness. But wealth can increase our options. Wealth increases the scope of our choices and allows us the freedom to explore options which previously may have been limited by the cash in our bank account. Wealth instigates freedom, and it is freedom we yearn, not wealth itself. This workshop examines the signatures for wealth in the chart through both modern and traditional methods.

Special Price for the Set of 3 AUD$85.00

Relationships AUD $29.95 It is often said that no man is an island, and as human beings, most us are dependent on good relationships to provide us with security and stability.  This lecture explores the indicators for an individual’s capacity and desire to form relationships and their ability to pursue them.

Signs of Scions: Fertility in the Natal Chart AUD $29.95 The importance of children and the ability of a person to have and to benefit from them has been an important consideration in all times and across all cultures.  This lecture explores the traditional literature and the application of principles and techniques to determine the potential of an individual to produce children.

The Dragon's Path : the Moon's Nodes AUD $29.95 The Moon’s Nodes have always held a fascination, as they have traditionally been associated with the concepts of karma and destiny.  They were also considered to have both malefic and benefic qualities.  The importance of the Lunar Nodes has survived in the practice of Hindu astrology but Western astrology has relegated the Nodes into a miscellaneous basket.  This workshop will explore the astronomy, history and tradition of the Nodes and their application in natal astrology.

Treasure and Pleasures : the Fifth House AUD $24.95 An in-depth look at what the fifth house represents in a natal chart and the wealth of information it can provide about the person.   The nature of creativity, pleasure and honours is explored via the application of traditional techniques. These include essential dignity, house position, condition and triplicity rulers of the houses.


What Makes a Planet Happy :  A Planet's Judgement AUD $24.95 Planets have definite preferences as to what makes them happy, and what does not.  A planet’s comfort and therefore its ability to perform, depends largely on its condition in the chart.  Using simple medieval techniques, we can judge the planet’s condition, determine how effective it can be, and assess if the planet is working for you, or against you.

Verena Bachmann 2009 workshops on CD

CHIRON: the wounded Healer and Teacher of Deeper Truths AUD $54.95

Chiron is one of the most complex astrological factors. Since he does not follow the known patterns of cause and effect, his meaning in a chart is difficult to grasp and shifts during our life.  This workshop explores all those aspects of Chiron and their effect on our lives. [4 hour workshop] 

HEALTH: Understanding the individual energy balance and its effect on our health    AUD $54.95

What is Health?  Everyone has a different answer to that question, according to their own nature and understanding. In modern times, we tend to look at symptoms and try to make them disappear instead of seeing them as part of a whole system. Verena shows how to establish and maintain a  personal healthy balance as well as to understand the significance of illnesses as part of individual development and as an expression of collective energies [4 hour workshop]

The Book of Notable Births AUD $35 plus postage.

A collection of chartsfeaturing a relevant biography compiled in a spiral bound book..  The collection has a total of 80 charts plus a mundane section dedicated to national charts and charts of organisations and events.  Each chart has a sourced biography and a ‘key dates’ section outlining important events in the person’s life.  Other features include chart groupings by Sun Sign, by Sun in the houses, by Grand Aspect Pattern and by Chart Shape. Categories include politicians, artists, inventors, musicians, actors, writers and religious figures.

Traditional Astrology: Glossary of Terms AUD$16.95 plus postage

A thirty page, spiral-bound book listing over one hundred commonly used terms with explanations and references.  Easy to use and handy to have, the book is useful for those pursuing studies in medieval astrology, horary and electional astrology.


Download a Full list here (PDF file)

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