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The New Princess

On the 2nd May 2015,  the British Royal Family welcomed a new addition to their ranks.  A baby girl born to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall will be fourth in line to the British throne after her grandfather, father and brother.  Princess Charlotte.....

Australia and the 2015 Aries Ingress

The 2015 Aries Ingress will occur at 9:46 am (AEDT) and it brings together the last of the Uranus-Pluto squares and an eclipse, both intersting and difficult dynamics.....

Beauty & Brains: A Profile of Hedy Lamarr

Hollywood is the last place you would go to look for a scientist and inventor. Known more for those who set great store by their  looks, Hedy Lamarr was no exception...she was the GI's pin-up girl but she also had a secret....

Happy Birthday, Tony!

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott celebrated his 57th birthday on the 4th of November, 2014.  Leading an unpopular government

and just one year into a three year term, what does the year hold in store for him?

Einstein's Letter

Albert Einstein wrote a letter in 1939 which foreshadowed World War II and the subsequent use of nuclear weapons.  What did he say, and what impact did it have on the reader? An astrological look at this historical event.

(Un) Lucky in Love: Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue, Australia's 'girl next door' made her mark with her role as Charlene Mitchell in the soap opera, "Neighbours".  While Charlene's on-screen romance culminated in marital bliss, the same cannot be said of Kylie,  This article examines the indicators of relationships in the natal chart and looks at the quality of relationships over time.


The Grand Cross: a crucible for change

The Cardinal Grand Cross perfected at 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs on the 23rd - 24th April 2014.  Much has been written of its possible repercussions. This article looks at the origins of the Cardinal Cross and how it brings together several planetary cycles and  their collective impact as they come together.


International Court of Justice Ruling: is this the beginning

of the end for Japanese commercial whaling?

The International Court of Justice handed down a ruling at the end of March which stated that Japan's Antarctic whaling program is not in accordance with certain sections of the International Convention for the Regulation of whaling.  Such a momentous decision is a major outcome for a movement that started in Australia almost 40 years ago.

The Pistorius Trial

On the 3rd March 2014, the world prepared for the 'Trial of the Century' as the popular and successful athlete, Oscar Pistorius faced a South African High Court accussed of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

Australia & the 2013 Capricorn Ingress

A look at the year ahead for Australian politics and the major issues that will be centrestage during 2014 via the lens of the Capricorn Ingress.

The Solstices

Ever year in June and December, we experience an astronomical event where the Sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky above the horizon at local noon.  This is known as the solstices.


"I don't give concerts, I put on a show!"

So said Liberace, the larger-than-life figure who personified glamour, excess and showmanship.  But who was the man behind the candelabra and the glitz?....

Anatomy of a Princess:

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, actress and America’s fairy-tale princess, went from Hollywood aristocracy to European royalty.  She was beautiful, elegant and impossibly glamorous..... but what else does the natal chart reveal?

A Moment of Quiet Respect for Angelina Jolie

Even after all the years I have been practicing astrology, this art/science of ours still continues to humble and amaze me - in its simplicity, in its variety, in its ingenuity, and in its total accuracy.........

Iron Lady:

Margaret Thatcher

In April, Britain and the rest of the world paid their respects to Margaret Thatcher who passed away on the 8th April 2013. Thatcher was a person who aroused strong feelings from both sides of the political fence and was as polarizing in death as in life, so much so, that the British government braced itself for a wave of protests at her state funeral. What was it about her that caused such strong reactions? Can we find astrological statements that underpin how she came across to the world?.........

Bad Moon Rising

Saturn has just left its sign of exaltation – Libra – and has no dignity in Scorpio, so why should its journey through this sign be significant?  

I believe Saturn’s pathway through Scorpio has less to do with this planet’s own dignities, and has more to do with two other planets of interest, Moon and Mars, especially if we observe a couple of rules from the past....

Oscar Pistorius: A Martian Tragedy

In the early hours of Valentine's Day, 14th february 2013, Oscar Pistorius, Olympian and Paralympian who made history running against able-bodied athletes on his carbon fibre blades was accussed of murder....

The Pope Retires

On Monday, 11th February 2013, Pope Benedcit XVI announced his retirement.  He was the first pope to resign in nearly 600 years.  What does his natal chart say about this time...

Joys of the Planets

The “Joys of the Planets” and the “Planetary Joys” are two traditional planetary conditions that modern astrologers either ignore completely or those who practice traditional techniques may use, but with little or no understanding as to their origin and purpose. What then are these planetary joys?

End Times
2012 and the Capricorn Ingress

For several years now, the Capricorn ingress of 2012 has been flagged as the next major ‘event’ of cataclysmic proportions for the human race. This has led to a surge of ‘messiahs’, gurus and a plethora of websites advising us on what it will mean when the world ends(again!).  But before we get too excited, let us consider a couple of things......

Parallel Lives

A study of the charts of famous people who share, by an accident of birth, planetary placements and configurations. This article presents these ‘astrological twins’ from the perspective not so much of similar lives but

what similar vein connects them and how they have contributed to the shape of the world they inhabited.

Titanic: A Modern Myth

In 2012, the world celebrated the centennary of

the sinking of the ocean liner, Titanic.  This article looks at the astrological indicators of the tragedy and how it has become a part of the collective memory.

Jupiter Returns for the 2012 Summer Olympics

The Olympic Games were initially created to celebrate and honour the Greek god Zeus, so it seems fitting to look at the astrological significance of Jupiter, his Roman counterpart.

Tipping Point

On the 18th July 2012 Mars moves into opposition to Uranus and squares Pluto forming a transiting T- square...

Is there Potential for Prince William to Become a Father in the Near Future? (PDF)

Prince William, the future heir to the English throne, turns 30 on 21st June 2012.  In an interview held a few days ago on 29th May 2012 with ABC’s Katie Couric, the Prince said, “Both Catherine and I are looking forward to having a family in the future.


The Changing of the Guard

Over the last few years there has been the distinct impression,

growing over time, that we are in the midst of a period of great transition.

Troublemakers:  Out of Sect Malefics

Who is the troublemaker in your chart and

what impact can they have?....

The Gillard Rudd Challenge

Today's Gillard Rudd learship challenge of for the Labor Party leadership is poised to change the political arena....

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