What they say about us

Astro Mundi has been teaching astrology for over ten years, providing students and professionals with learning experiences which are exciting, challenging and knowlegeable.  Join this growing group and enrich your astrological experience whether as a beginner or a professional. You can study with us from anywhere in the world.


I have read and studied astrology for years. When I moved to New Zealand I decided to upgrade my skills and I took the Certificate and Diploma in Astrology Course as well as hundreds of interesting Master classes with Astromundi.   I have no words to express my gratitude to both Mari and Joy. They are not only extremely knowledgeable and talented astrologers and teachers. The are also warm and caring human beings who have supported me in really difficult times. As a former student and current fan of Astromundi ethics and professionalism I encourage you to explore the magical world of astrology with Joy and Mari. Astrology is my passion and Mari and Joy had made my journey smooth, interesting and fun. I have learnt techniques that I have never explored before as well as the art of synthesis in a way that is comprehensive and applicable to my world . Their passion and dedication to make astrology more credible and visible to the world is worth noting. I would like to thank them for the dedication and friendship from the bottom of my heart.
Lorena (Auckland, New Zealand)

I am studying the Traditional Astrology Course with Mari García and Joy Usher from Astro Mundi School in Australia. I am Spanish, living in Barcelona (Spain). I have been always interested in studying and practising Traditional Astrology. It is not easy to find the adequate teacher for this kind of Astrology. I met Mari Garcia when I decided to have a consulting astrological reading of my birth chart. Soon after this reading, I decided that Mari should be my teacher. Last September I enrolled in the Traditional Astrology Course and I am following the course as a foreign student as a distance learning student. The lessons are very well designed and, step by stet, you become more secure about your knowledge of Traditional Astrology. I can only recommend the Astro Mundi School and Mari Garcia and Joy Usher as the best choice if you are really interested in becoming a Traditional astrologer.

Antonio (Barcelona, Spain)

I first saw Joy & Mari speak at an Astrology conference in Brisbane a few years ago. I was so inspired by their detailed knowledge of Traditional Astrology that I started the Certificate in Astrology with Astromundi and I’m now halfway through the Diploma in Astrology. Learning with Joy & Mari is such a privilege and I feel so blessed having them both as my Mentors. They are like the “Wikipedia” of Astrology as their knowledge is boundless. Even though I have an MSC in Chemistry...there are days when my brain hurts during their classes, as sometimes 

I’ve gotta think in 3D! But brain ache is good...it means I’m developing “Astrological neural networks!”
Anita (Sydney, NSW)

I have been interested in Astrology all of my adult life but did not study it until I was in my 40's. I tried a number of different Astrology schools and have settled happily with Joy and Mari. I recommend Astro Mundi because Joy and Mari are respectful of differing opinions and include adult learning principles in their teaching. Most of all I am appreciative of their extensive practice wisdom which they pass on happily to students.

Helen (Adelaide, SA)

Beyond the technical soundness, what I really appreciated was the strong ethical foundation of the training at Astro Mundi. All of the lecturers are very clear about what is an appropriate use of Astrology, how to convey your knowledge to the client and how it is important not to censor what you find beyond broaching things gently. This was particularly brought home to me after meeting `refugees` from other astrology schools............... Their advice also works in practice regarding informing the client of what is in their chart.

Michael (Adelaide, SA)

I completed the Astro Mundi 202 Certificate in 2005 as a Distance Learning Student and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The standard of the taped material was excellent and the personalised attention and consultation was generous, consistent and targeted very specifically to my needs. Revision of the material was very thorough and I felt well prepared to sit for the exam in November. The tutors know their stuff and are very skilled in delivering it in a light-hearted, inspiring and professional manner.

Persia (Bellingen, NSW)

I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Mari Garcia & Joy Usher of Astro Mundi.
While my earlier astrological education was patchy to say the least, working with Joy & Mari for the AGE certificate enabled me to establish a secure foundation for my further astrological study. Their teaching philosophy is not only based on sound astrological principles & content, but also shows their commitment to being facilitators of learning. My respect for them is heightened by the fact that they continue to be professionally curious, as in the current example of keeping abreast of the developments surrounding the re-emergence of traditional astrology.
To conclude, I believe Astro Mundi to be Australia’s best astrological school, with its rightful place in the international community.

Tom (Brisbane, QLD)

If you really want to learn this craft properly, thourougly, from the ground up in a way that it really makes sense, so that by the end you feel like a professional then I recommend AstroMundi. The teachers are always willing to help, and their passion for this wonderful craft really comes through in their teachings. I'd recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to be a serious astrologer and I think there should be more astrologers with this kind of training.

Sonia (Sydney, NSW)


Joy Usher & Mari Garcia, Co-Directors of Astro Mundi provide exciting educational possibilities for anyone interested in astrology. As an older student, & total novice in the world of astrology Joy and Mari's expert tuition enabled me to complete & achieve success in the Diploma Course. Their professional attitude, extensive knowledge & sheer pleasure in the expansive world of astrology made each lesson a highlight of the week. I would encourage anyone interested in astrology to particpate and enjoy the classes, books, & CDs from Astro Mundi. My only regret is waiting so long before undertaking my astrology studies. I now know how much an understanding of astrology could have assisted me with child rearing, social & matrimonial relationships & the world of employment. I sincerely recommend Astro Mundi to all who are interested in astrology.
Fran Beales (Adelaide, SA)


I feel so lucky to have the AstroMundi School of Astrology based here in Adelaide. I have been associated with the school for 7 years now, gaining my AGE Certificate in January 2008 after 2 years of study, and then attending AstroMundi’s yearly Master Class series each year since. Joy and Mari are marvellous teachers and very responsive to questions from their students, including occasional skeptics and critical thinkers like me! Their lecture notes, lecture downloads, regular articles of interest and their recently published book, “Scala Coeli: The Ladder of Heaven”, are well-written, detailed and thorough and so can be readily used for self-directed study.  Besides my association with AstroMundi, I have also attended numerous other astrological workshops and conferences and been influenced by world renown teachers and practitioners of differing astrological traditions eg Bernadette Brady, Darrelyn Gunzburg, Verena Bachman, David Juste, Ben Dykes, Deborah Houlding, Steve Forrest, Frank Clifford, Jane Ridder-Patrick, Demetra George, Melanie Reinhart  Thus, I feel confident to state that in my opinion, Joy’s and Mari’s astrological knowledge and their capacity to teach it, is world class.

AstroMundi is an excellent school of astrology.
Karen Grace (Adelaide
, SA)

I have been a student for the last three years studying completed the Certificate Course and currently in the Diploma Course I have found the Courses to be absolutely mind expanding and an adventure! The Courses are rigorous and thorough in covering many aspects of Traditional Astrology. I am always inspired by their teaching which is firmly grounded in the translation of ancient texts and offers a contemporary interpretation to these Primary Sources of information.  They have a very scholarly and disciplined approach to Astrology which I respect and appreciate. It may sound contradictory but studying with them feels like we’re at the “Cutting Edge” of Traditional Astrology!
Mari and Joy are both engaging speakers which makes learning easy. They are very generous teachers always willing to share their knowledge and patient in explaining difficult concepts.I am grateful for their wisdom and experience as practicing Astrologers, which are an added bonus to the courses. I have found it very exciting, stimulating and rewarding to study with them and would highly recommend studying at Astro Mundi.
from a stomping galloping Jupitarian Sag :-)


As a frequent student of AstroMundi Master Classes, I am impressed by the sheer level of scholarship that Joy Usher and Mari Garcia are capable of. Their meticulous scrutiny of ancient sources gives them a first-hand understanding of the traditional principles of astrology, which they then apply constructively and intelligently to chart interpretation. The techniques are tested, then passed on through their teachings, providing their students with a greatly expanded repertoire of astrological tools. I would recommend their courses and material to anyone with an interest in the subject. Australia is exceedingly fortunate to have two such excellent practitioners.

J Lewis (Perth, WA)